March contest submissions are up to vote !
we got a lot of submissions for this one !

rules :

1- Only reblogs and replies will counts (so everyone can see every vote and count them)

2- Empty blog reblogs or replies won’t count

3- Contestants are aloud to reblog for promotion but their votes wont count.


(from left to right)

  1. Slinka (top left) 
  2. Cake (top middle)
  3. ——————- (out)
  4. Rufflecat (bottom left)
  5. Kay (bottom middle)
  6. Alice (botton right)

the winner will be featured on the main page as profile picture and will have the spot in the doll contest page for March 2014. Good luck everyone !!

6- Alice!!

This is my cat Ollie… I’ve brought some snow in his favorite green bucket…. He likes it!


Alice Liddell and her older sister, Lorina Liddell

Real life x Disney

Special thanks to phantomwise for the original photo


Doctor Who in London - Film Vs. Location [x]

Click the pictures for episode and location


I’m so happy to announce our new Magical Fancy Sash for sale at! It’s a three way sash: you can wear it without the rosette badge(with just a small bow), with the rosette badge, or with the rosette badge pinned onto a different spot. The badge is also a two way clip, so it’s a hair clip too! I think it turned out really cute!


Well, I see my dreamdress-posts are pretty popular, lol ^^

This time I just want to brag my FIRST lolita dress and to share some joy about it. It’s not arrived yet, so this pic I take from resale site.

This is Royal Crown Bouquet from IW but I don’t find it on Lolibrary nor Hellolace, idk why, sorry



Today’s Outfit~(„Ծ▽Ծ„)~

【Rosette】 is really a heartthrob~~( ̄﹁ ̄)

Whole-set : Angelic Pretty-Rosette ( JSK+Headdress+ socks)

Bag: Angelic Pretty- Chocolate

Shoes: Irregular Choice 

leafeones-deactivated20140413 asked
How do you make your continuous rectangular patterns? I'm trying to make my own paths but I can't seem to get the right numbers for a continuous path. ;-;


I make one pattern and I edit the borders in. I make sure some of the bricks/tiles are half on one side and continue on the other so they tessellate nicely.  Here’s a crude drawing to help me explain cuz im terrishit at explaining things. 

So you might have a few bricks that are a couple blocks smaller and you might half to half some because I’ve yet to find the perfect combinations of blocks to be able to do that! Most people don’t even notice so do what you can friend!